How Can Drones Be Employed Commercially?

I just passed my 107 test, which drone is best for my business? 

I am looking to employ or implement drones into my current business model, where do I begin?

Drones are being used around the world for new commercial applications. The unmanned aerial vehicles are compact and can have a wide range of utility. They provide a huge scope for innovation in different sectors such as filmmaking, emergency responses, media coverage, mapping, rescue, and surveillance. In America, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set down guidelines for drone usage for commercial purposes. This versatile device can find takers in various industries. Here are a few areas where drone employment can bring about a significant change: Keep in mind not all drones are created equal. Each platform is designed to do a very specific job and prices greatly vary. You may be surprised by which drone may be best for your company. 

1. Media Coverage

Hand-held cameras sometimes make it difficult to get proper footage for covering a story. Instead, drones can be used to hover over the scene and all vital details can be captured with minimum effort. Only a few news corporations can employ helicopters for aerial coverage however they are extremely expensive. Drones can significantly bring down the cost of aerial coverage. Also, drones can reach remote areas that cannot be accessible by vehicle. This can help journalists to conduct interviews in any location. News stations provide rapid deploy of a live streaming drone. A video production company may need a certified drone pilot on-site. The versatility of modern drones provides more creative access than ever before. 

  • Aerial Photography

  • 1080P, 4K, 5.2K, 6K Video Capture

  • Live Streaming


2. Construction

Drone surveying helps in capturing images of a property from all angles. Architects and contractors can make use of this device to create 3D models of the property. Realistic renderings of a structure are made possible with drone photography and videography. Architects can create accurate designs which fit exactly within a plot of land. Aerial shots can be taken with very little expense. The design imagined by the architect can brought to life with the help of drone services.


3. Emergency Services

Drones provide greater accessibility to remote areas or those areas which are affected by disaster. Drones can be of immense help in such situations because they can provide emergency aid to stranded people. Medicines as well as food and water supplies can be provided to people who are stuck at a place with no connectivity. These services can turn out to be life-saving and provide help to people when they need it most.

4. Agriculture

The agricultural sector plays a very important role in life sustenance which is why special attention needs to be placed on it. All efforts should be made to increase the production in a sustainable manner and prevent crop failure. Drone technology and aerial surveillance can help farmers to identify plants which are failing early and also provide them with information regarding inventory of crops. Drone videography can be used for making and studying the land and irrigation pattern. Such information can speed up the process of crop surveillance. Fertilizers and pesticides can be spread over a large area in a short span of time. Agricultural production can increase become more healthy as well.

5. Delivery

Drones can help in delivering packages to the doorstep of the customer. However, at present they can carry just around 55 pounds including their own weight. As technology develops further, drones can evolve and become compact aerial delivery vehicles. Such drone services can be used for areas which are difficult to traverse by road.

6. Vlogging

Yes Vlogging. When individuals on YouTube are establishing themselves as entertainers and thought leaders in exchange for ad revenue, we have to recognize this as a commercial drone application. While these vloggers may be masters in their own niche, you see many of them using smaller, cheaper drones to add another dynamic to their production. From seasoned photographers, to automotive reviewers, and those self-proclaimed "rappers;" they all have a drone in their tool kit. 

7. Education

The age of drones can be exciting for students.  From STEM students to creative minds, every aspect of modern drones can appeal to a wide range of knowledge levels and age gaps. Teach your student the power of drones today.

Fields of Exploration:  

  • 3D Modeling & Printing Parts

  • Basic Electronics & Soldering

  • Fundamentals of Aviation

  • Assembly Process

  • Understanding of Wireless Communication

  • Geography

  • Photography

  • Multimedia

  • Product Design

There are many more promising applications of drones in the field of commerce apart from the few mentioned here. Begin utilizing drones to improve your business today.

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