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Looking back on when I started my commercial drone business I never would have imagined where I  am at today. Working with big brands, pushing boundaries at the 9-5 job, and building my portfolio as deep as possible. Looking back, I am truly grateful for each and every opportunity that has crossed my path. As a creative I commonly beat myself up. Nothing is ever good enough, I tell myself. I haven’t done enough jobs, haven’t landed enough clients, created enough content, made enough money....This viewpoint is toxic self-doubt that gets you nowhere. So, when I was in a creative rut, it was a satirical super-hero anime that sparked my passion all over again.

Let me explain...

One Punch Man is a breakout animated series from Japan. It’s satirical outlook on traditional “Super Hero Movies” combined with poking fun at over exaggerated 90’s anime; gives the audience a truly unique viewer experience. What I enjoy most about the show is how the viewer can take away lessons of comedic self-awareness. If you haven’t already seen it check out the trailer here:

Visually Stunning

Analyze each frame and One Punch Man does everything right. Each scene and shot can be a desktop wallpaper based on the dynamic style of the composition. Colors are stunning with contrasting and complementary colors crashing together. Animation motion blur and changing of styles during fight scenes accurately gives the sense of pure power between the characters. 

Each episode has its own unique color palette. A designer can use any screen grab and the PhotoShop Color Picker for digital paintings and logo styles. The overall style is inspirational. The creator started the series as a web comic, later illustrated into a manga, and now animated by a major animation studio. It is important when creating to push the fundamentals of design. Color, Line, Shape, Texture, Space, Form, Unity/harmony, Balance. This show does it all.

Discipline & Patience

Saitima is normal guy unwillingly looking to start a corporate career. Hopeless, empty, and devoid of all emotions; Saitima has given up on seeking for a new job. After saving a small child from a deranged villain, Saitima discovers the fire in his eye and pursues his passion to be a full-time hero.

Fast forward 3 years later and the FIRE is no longer there (along with his hair). Our main character transforms himself to the most powerful being in the world. Not by gamma rays or iron suites, but by sheer hard work and self-determination. While most stories follow to the same format; a hero with an abnormal backstory suddenly gains superpowers and defeats a motivated villain. This is not the case in One Punch Man.

He achieved his goals by sticking to his regime of

  • 100 push-ups
  • 100 Sit-Ups
  • 100 Squats
  • 10 km Run
  • And a banana for breakfast :)  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

He can now wipe out anyone in his path with one punch. One swing of his fist and any opponent he hits is defeated. Nothing more, nothing less.

We can apply this to a creative career. If we are not noticing the results immediately we often become discouraged. While in reality, if we continue to practice, master our profession, always remain the student. We can overcome any challenge with one punch. One stroke of paint. One better process can equal explosive results.

Continue on working to become the best at what you do. It may not come tomorrow but little amounts today can snowball into an avalanche later on

Our creative regime might look more like

  • A photo a day
  • Writing a blog
  • Painting a small canvas
  • Completing a new tutorial
  • Study more from Industry Influencers
  • Read another book
  • Film a new video for YouTube

You are Your Own Competition

Saitima knows he cannot lose. We often look to others in the validation of our own work. Competition can innovate industries. As a creative, it is important to draw inspiration from competition but do not let others success hinder your mentality.

Saitima faces every opponent and challenge with the same mentality. Losing is not an option and he is 100% in control of his own destiny. Ok. 

Keep it Fun

His journey on becoming a the most powerful hero is not what it all cracks up to be.His overwhelming power has caused him to become bored of his profession. Within our own careers we can feel that we are not evolving or being challenged.

The key to a happy work/life balance is to always to find fun and laughter throughout our day. Do not take work to seriously, from the words of our Saitima...

"Who me? I'm just a guy who is a hero FOR FUN!" 

All it takes is ONE PUNNNNCH

You are only as good as your last time at bat. Both visually and metaphorically an artist can draw much inspiration from this gem of Japanese culture. I am thankful to have discovered such a bizarre and yet amazing piece of modern art. I think we all learn from the successes of One Punch Man. 

I know I traditionally talk about drones in this blog but I wanted to break out and explore the avenues of art I pull creative inspiration from.

All it takes is that one piece of art that can change your career forever. It starts with taking action today and seeking for the fire in your eyes. 


Hope you enjoyed this blog! PEACE  

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