DJI Mavic PRO Review

Finding a good camera drone that fits in your pocket can be very hard nowadays. A lot of drones promise a lot, but they tend to under-deliver. The DJI Mavic PRO is one of the most interesting models you can find on the market at this time, and it does bring in front a great set of features. Plus, it’s also equipped with a powerful camera that allows you to shoot incredible movies with great detail!

Design and Size

The primary benefit of the DJI Mavic PRO is that this device is tiny. Yes, it’s very small to the point where you can fit it in your pocket without that much of a hassle. Even the controller is really small, so you can easily move your unit around and even throw it in the backpack without any issues. It certainly shines, and the value is very good for sure.

It provides best in class portability, and that does matter quite a lot. With bigger drones, the operator is commonly carrying a huge hard-shell case. With the Mavic, one can easily travel with a small backpack  


As you can imagine, the unit is very easy to handle, and it is perfect for aerial photography. Unfolding the drone arms is seamless and easy for anyone to understand. Simply snap on a battery and start the remote to get in the air as quickly as possible  

Once you have the drone ready to go, you will be able to place your phone inside the controller and use it as you see fit. This certainly helps you quite a bit, and it delivers the value that you want. The phone controls are very responsive, so in the end, the unit does work great.


Since this is a very small drone, you will find it perfect for 3D mapping. It also brings in front a plethora of other features, but the great thing about it is that it works great in regular conditions. If the wind is very powerful, it can encounter a few issues.

This is maybe one of the best DJI drones because it can bring in maneuverability and outstanding quality as a whole. It can reach 40 mph which is very impressive, and it does stay steady most of the time since you get a pretty good quality and value with this unit. Granted, it does take a bit of trial and error until you make the most out of its controls, but this is a very powerful and handy unit that you will enjoy using quite a bit.

I particularly liked the way this DJI model lands. Unlike others that do tend to have a very demanding and challenging landing experience, here you get none of that. It works very well, and you will be rather impressed with the way everything works in this situation. You have to keep in mind that there are dedicated controls that deliver precise positioning. The propellers tend to be very close to the ground, so you will need to be very careful in this situation!  Save yourself some money by upgrading the regular Mavic propellers with the Platinum blades to increase battery time and reduction of noise overall

If there are any times when the regular flight modes are not ok for you, then the advanced modes might be a very good option. It all comes down to you here. The Active Track mode is particularly good since it allows you to draw a box which includes the subject and the drone will just follow that person around.

This is one of the features that help a lot and in the end, it will bring you the features you require here. You can also use tap fly if you want. You will have to rely on the smoothness and quality of your screen here because the precision is there. It all comes down to the way you make the most out it.

DJI also added a Gesture more that enables you to wave at the drone to make a picture. There’s also a tripod mode that allows you to use the drone as a camera indoors if you so desire.


Maybe the most important thing for such a drone is the camera it has embedded within in. Thankfully, the camera for the DJI Mavic is very similar when compared to the Phantom 4. You can shoot 4K, and it does have 24 FPS, more than ok for most situations. Since the unit and camera are smaller when compared to the Phantom unit, you do have a bit of a tradeoff. Basically, the lens has a narrow field of view, and you don’t get that many details. But it’s still an impressive piece of engineering, and that’s what matters the most in this situation!


Overall, the Mavic is one of the best drones with camera on the market. It may not have the stability and power of the Phantom units, but it works great, it’s very fast and portable. In fact, portability is the best thing about this unit, so you may want to try it just for that reason alone. Definitely worth your time and money, especially since it costs under $1000, so far less than the Phantom models.

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