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How Drones are Taking Films to New Heights

Drones and aerial film making provide productions with new level of angles and perspectives, giving you shots you wouldn’t be able to get any other way. As of late, drones have become the #1 necessity in video production. Storytellers are taking full advantage of this new technology. However, demand on set is growing rapidly because drones offer more nimble film making, while also saving a ton of money. A camera drone with a crew will cost a fraction of the cost, compared to the $15,000+ per day helicopter shoot.

The dynamic ability of drones provides productions with a variety of unique opportunities. Drone photography has become increasingly popular in the film making industry due to their ability to create quick, safe and dynamic shots. The fact of the matter is that drones can go places that a manned aircraft simply can’t, they can capture images that may be too low for a manned helicopter, and too high for a crane. Not to mention the safety hazards that come with a helicopter operation.

When you choose a drone operator for your next film, you save on costs and reduce the chance of accidents occurring. Even though less than 10% of productions are using drone technology, it’s becoming increasingly popular as technology evolves and more filmmakers learn about the benefits.

If you interested in using a drone for your next commercial film, it is important that you hire an experienced drone operator. 317 Aerials is your professional, FAA licensed and insured drone services company for Indianapolis. The have a highly-experienced team that has worked countless hours keeping drones safely in the air. Having worked on a variety of different productions types, they know how to capture your high-quality shots at a price you can afford.

The DJI Inspire 2 boasts a Dual Operator Setup along with agile speed & precision handling 

The DJI Inspire 2 boasts a Dual Operator Setup along with agile speed & precision handling 


317 Aerials offers the best professional drone service in the Indianapolis area. They utilize the latest in UAV technology and are a very versatile team, capable of working in many niches. This includes creative enterprises and advanced data capturing. A variety of services are available, including but not limited to:

·4K video capture @ 60 fps or 1080 at 120 fps  

·High-resolution professional photography 20+ MP

·Post-production editing – Color Correcting

·Dual Operator Camera Equipment 

Take your marketing to the next level with drone photography and videography services and hire the drone operators at 317 Aerials. Their team of professionals is available for creative services, corporate marketing, real estate, construction and so much more. Contact us today to learn about how we can elevate your perspective.

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