The Creative State of Aerial Photography | 317 Aerials

Here’s the deal. With the FAA finally releasing the updated commercial drone regulations anybody with ~$2000 can purchase a drone and start their own aerial photography business. That’s an amazing thing for the industry, competition always drives innovation. What most consumers need to realize is that while the barriers to entry are very low, you need to seek out professional creatives for all of your aerial photography needs.

Why? Why do I need someone with a background in art, photography, or film making just to fly a drone? Let me explain

Creative can be used as a noun to describe an artist who creates art. Not for the fame or material objects but to deliver light and clarity through any medium they touch. A painter who paints for the love of fine arts, a singer who sings for the love of music, even a boxer who fights for the love of the sport.

What separates a creative is PASSION. We love what we do. We are romantics with the process of discovering, learning, refining, and perfecting our crafts. We are driven by creating captivating work. Not for the sole purpose of making a quick buck. We have bills to pay like everybody else but money is the by-product of producing great work. Where others may see a binary state of ones and zeros, creatives want to bring an aesthetic influence to the world.

So how does this apply to drones?  

A metalworker wants to offer a new service to his clients. He goes out to purchase an expensive milling machine, but does that mean he has the technical knowledge and skill set to operate this new machine? While there is a learning curve, he has to realize that his flashy machine is merely a tool to advance his skill set. Drones are no different. Without a trained operator, the drone is nothing but an expensive paperweight or a simple children’s toy. Drones are disrupting the current state of photography by providing the versatility and convenience of having a flying high resolution camera.  All the rules for photography and film making apply here even more than before. Creatives will apply the fundamentals of lighting, composition, editing, etc. to provide a whole new perspective of storytelling.

The sky is no longer the limit with aerial photography. Local business should seek out creative professionals to further brand storytelling to their audience. In the world of “content is king,” how will you set yourself apart from the competition?

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